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The Clear File Advantage

Clear File Archival storage pages are one of the finest in the world, enabling you to quickly and efficiently organize your photographic materials in the safest and most accessible manner.

Clear File has taken archival protection into the next generation. Our pages provide greater clarity, strength and safety than any other archival sheets currently available. In addition, Clear File affirms its commitment to the environment with a pledge that all polypropylene waste produced during the manufacture of our pages is recycled for use in other non-photographic products.


Our archival storage pages are manufactured from a specially formulated polypropylene that has undergone a unique refining process that neutralizes residual acidity. In addition, the stitched sealing method increases the airflow between pockets and therefore protects against moisture build-up and mildew.


Clear File archival storage pages feature incredible crystal clear clarity and sparkling gloss. These unsurpassed optical qualities ensure superior presentation.

Long Term Protection

Clear File Archival storage pages are PH neutral and contain none of the plasticizers, catalysts, or solvents found in vinyl. Our pages will not react with or cause damage to even the most sensitive photographic materials.


Our pages are offered in a heavier thickness than flimsier alternatives, resulting in improved durability and presentation.

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